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Getting Started

In order to use the classroom you need to verify your identity using Facebook. This is only used for verification and the only information kept on our database is your email address and name. We do not semd emails unless absoluteley necessary.

If you enrolled before we introduced this process then make sure the Facebook account uses the same email address you used to sign up previously. If you need the email address on our records changed then send an email to from the email address on our records and the email you want to use.

This has the advantage of both ensuring no one else has access to your courses but also provides a one click login without having to remember a password. If you are using a public computer be sure to click the logout icon in the top right hand corner.

Enrolling in a Course

You view available courses by clicking on the "BackSpace Courses" navigation item. Here you can view the syllabus of subjects and lessons. When you are ready to purchase click on the purchase button.

All transactions are completed through PayPal. You can also pay with credit card without a PayPal account using the same process. All transactions are handled by PayPal and no credit card or account information is held by BackSpace Academy.

If the course has sub courses (e.g. the AWS Associate course) the sub courses will not have a purchase button as they are included in the price.

Completing the Course

Click on "My Courses" to access your courses. From here you can complete the course or sit a practice exam. The courses consist of subjects and lessons. If the course includes sub courses complete the core course before proceeding to the sub-course. Lessons include videos, hands on labs, reference material and short tests (practice exams detailed next). When you finish a lesson click on "Mark Complete" to save your progress to the database.

Taking a Practice Exams

Practice exams provide feedback on your knowledge and should be part of your continuous improvement process. Practice exams can be taken at any time. Everytime you complete an exam a new exam is provided. Use the exams to identify areas you need to concentrate on. Don't try and remember answers to questions, this will just lead to failure. You should aim to be getting between 80% - 90% before taking the real exam.

If you fail the real exam it is not only is a waste of money it is a waste of time as AWS will not let you sit another exam until completing a timeout period (normally at least a month for your second attempt).


If you are having problems logging in and seeing your courses it is most probably you have signed up with a different email address than you are trying to log in with. The OAUTH process gets your email address from Facebook, Google, Amazon etc. Follow the following process to login with the correct account:

1. Go to the site of the OATH method (, etc) and make sure you are logged in with the correct account.

2. Go to the BackSpace Classroom site and log out by clicking on the logout icon in the top right corner of the page.

3. Go to "My Courses" and Log in to the BackSpace Classroom site.